Women Travel Abroad

We are a premier travel boutique pairing like-minded women travelers while providing hand-picked travel destinations and retreat training opportunities to enjoy.


January 13-17, 2022

Enjoy the easy breeze of Belize! Upon arrival to BZE, we will whisk you away by charter jet to San Pedro Island where we will have access to a private beach…

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Morocco, Marrakesh

August 24-31, 2021

Marrakesh is a wonderous place and Jamaâ El Fna which means “assembly of the dead” is Marrakesh’s main square, will be at the center of our visit…

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February 17-21, 2022

Enjoy a beach villa oasis! Upon arrival to Cabo San Lucas, we will pick you up in our rental to a beautiful villa with a 7-minute walk to the beach…

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February 12-19, 2022

Join us as we start off Reykavik for this amazing tour in the land of fire and ice! We will enjoy a private tour by one of Iceland’s premier guides Thor…

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Your Perfect Travel Partner

The Women Travel Abroad difference is that travelers are reviewed and hand-selected to join intimate journeys with us. In addition, women get to know their travel companions in advance, through trip prep calls making you feel like you are going on a wonderful adventure with some of your nearest and dearest girlfriends.

Premier Travel Boutique

Trip and travel retreat mastermind workshops are personalized with the travelers in mind. As a premier travel boutique, Women Travel Abroad offers women the personal touch of a friend by getting to know prospective travelers before flight reservations are booked; ensuring a pleasurable experience for each woman.


Our travel retreats will open the doors to all the places you dream of visiting. Join us and become part of the adventure.