Women Travel Abroad


If you landed on this page, more than likely you want to travel in Ease, Comfort, & Style; and you desire to stay closer to home! America has some amazing destinations, that are just waiting to be explored! WTA has curated some spectacular trips to discover America’s incredibly diverse landscape, culture, lifestyle, and food; it’s no wonder why it is one of the world’s most popular destinations. With its 50 states, America is unique and like nowhere else in the world because it is an incredibly diverse nation. To witness such a multicultural way of living is truly extraordinary.


Join WTA as we explore the hidden gems in America. Popular destinations to be explored in America include national parks or reserves, historic attractions, bustling cities, exclusive beaches, out-of-this-world islands, and quaint towns. And some of these locations may be right in your backyard. Traveling America may afford you to take a quick flight or even a short drive to the location to satisfy your wanderlust.


Women Travel America

It would be our pleasure to host you as we travel America! We travel in small groups of 6-8 women. And we will have a fantastic time exploring our home country that has incredible hospitality, wide-open spaces, and amazing natural beauty.


Napa Valley

SEP 15-20, 2023

Destin, Florida

NOV 18-22, 2023