Women Travel Abroad




What can I say…I love the world! Not just some of it, ALL OF IT. I travel because I’m curious, thrive in new cultures, and need a change of scenery more than the average person. The creation of WTA is the product of the faith I had to create a space for women just like me. When we travel together, I feel whole and in bliss being with my tribe. I’m inspired every day by the extraordinary women that travel with WTA. I’m a better person because of Women Travel Abroad. And I thank each and every one of my travelers for having faith like me and believing that world travel together is possible. Cheers to 23 trips and 154 WTA travelers and to 100 more trips and 1,000 more WTA travelers in the future!

Lead Host


Yolima is a horticulturalist originally from Colombia. She lived in Spain and traveled Europe extensively for many years in the early duration of her career. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and dabbles in Italian and French. She enjoys traveling the world and is always up for new adventures! With her extensive knowledge of Europe and South America, and willingness to explore and learn new things, she is unquestionably an adventurous WTA host.



Shayla is always excited to host trips around the world with other women who yearn to travel. WTA has expanded her passion for travel, even as a wife, mother, and professional that stays on the go! As an Active-Duty member of the United States Air Force, she loves to spend time working on herself. She loves her family and enjoys their travel endeavors, but she believes that there is nothing like traveling with like-minded women from all over the world.



WTA Co-Founder at large, Dr. Wendy C. was bred in the Bay Area. She is a spirited Homeschool mom, incredible Life Coach, Homeschool Consultant, and an astonishing Retired Military Spouse. After living overseas for nearly a decade, her joy surrounding adventure, exploration, and experiencing new cultures became her passion. As WTA’s Co-Founder, creating a space for like-minded women who want to see the world, boutique-style, just like her, has been nothing short of pure bliss! Although she’s still a work in progress on “packing light”, her infinite bucket list makes her a true travel enthusiast with wanderlust leading her journey. She is excited to meet travelers from across the country and host them on the adventures of their dreams! Cheers to 31 WTA trips and 201 WTA travelers so far with 1,000 more WTA trips and travelers in the future.



Alice is a recently retired scientist who is now focusing her love of discovery onto the world at large. Ever since her first plane trip as a kid (from NYC to Disneyland CA), she’s known that traveling makes people happy. Her love of travel can be summed up with the quote, “Traveling- it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” She looks forward to sharing her stories and making new ones!



Aren loves to travel and has been traveling since a very young age! To date, she’s visited 43 states in the U.S. and 34 countries worldwide. Her favorite parts of traveling include interacting with the natives as well as spotting exotic animals in the wild that she can’t see back home. She also loves taking photos! After every trip, it’s common for her to return home with thousands (yes thousands) of new photos and videos from her exploration. She looks forward to traveling on many more trips with like-minded women.



Senior Host Assistant

Ally loves traveling! She says it’s amazing, “Because for a moment I get to be a part of a different culture.” She has traveled in the U.S. significantly, and since joining WTA as a Host Assistant her world travel has expanded, and she’s eager to explore more. She enjoys opportunities to experience different cultures with other women who are just as excited as her to experience a culture outside of their own is an incredible feeling. She believes that traveling overseas expanded her mind. And that it’s one thing to hear or read about places and cultures outside of the U.S., but it is an entirely different feeling when she was able to walk the streets, smell the spices, and hear the language.



Linda loves the song, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and that is why she joined WTA and decided to host exciting, fun trips. She was literally born traveling as a USAF dependent. Has lived in the District of Columbia and 10 states. For college graduation, her parents bought her a backpack and sleeping bag to travel through Europe for a year. She continued traveling while working for the Department of Defense and has been blessed to have been on 6 continents with plans to visit the 7th one. After recently retiring, she rafted the Grand Canyon, walked the Camino Way of St. James through Spain, swam with dolphins in Baja, rode camels in Egypt. Hey, Linda likes to have fun and would love to share her love of travel with you.



Myra is a corporate Portfolio Manager and resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Her favorite pastime – you guessed it; traveling, both foreign and domestic. She has been traveling internationally for almost 20 years. Her favorite trips have been those that included unexpected surprises like the majestic landscapes of Taiwan or the mesmerizing beauty of the Brazilian people. Although extremely organized and a natural planner, Myra thoroughly enjoys a relaxed and comfortable vacation. This creates a natural union with WTA as they always travel in Ease, Comfort, & Style!