Women Travel Abroad


WTA is back from COLOMBIA! 

Colombia was amazing! We enjoyed fun in the sun while traveling in Ease, Comfort, & Style, This trip was one to remember! WTA has more upcoming trips in 2022. Find more information below!

COVID UPDATE: WTA will do everything to ensure our travelers feel comfortable and safe while we travel domestically and especially abroad. Our travelers appreciate our handling their Covid testing arrangements when we travel back to the United States. It’s the personal touches that make a difference. We put the “Ease” in your travels. It is our mission to travel in Ease, Comfort, & Style!

HOST SPOTLIGHT! Brittany P. Jones

Brittany is a full-time expat originally from Macon, Georgia who currently resides in the United Kingdom. She first joined the WTA team as an Administrative Assistant in May of 2021. Brittany enjoys traveling for both leisure and volunteering. She’s had the pleasure of living on three Continents and plans to live life abroad for the foreseeable future. 

Brittany volunteering in Uganda 2020.

Brittany exploring Central London 2022.

WTA is growing at a rapid pace and we need energetic women that don’t mind leading our small groups of 4-6 women across the globe. Our next WTA Host/Host Assistant training cohort dates will be announced in March.

Where to next?? WTA is headed to Spain, Egypt, Jordan and More! Find more information below!

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