Women Travel Abroad


WTA is inspiring

WTA is inspiring because it’s intimate, thorough and there’s freedom to customize your vacation your way. I loved the camaraderie and I
loved the laughs and the free time. Karamel really thinks of everything so you don’t have to. I will definitely refer and continue to travel
with WTA!! I returned home refreshed, and a better planner so I can travel more with WTA.

Exceeded my expectations

I loved traveling with WTA and it exceeded my expectations. It was great being with a small group of women with similar interests and to
make some new friends! Karamel and Yolima made sure everything ran smoothly. Our riad was wonderful and it was great getting to
know the staff. We saw a lot but it never felt too busy and there was plenty of free time. Morocco was amazing and I can’t wait to travel
with WTA again!

Travel in ease

If you are a single women who wants to travel, WTA is the way to go. It’s safe, fun and very inclusive. You feel like part of the group and
make friends fast. You get to travel in ease and someone else does all the hard work.