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Our Invitation to You

Dear Wonderful Woman Traveler,

I would like to invite you to travel the world with me. I feel that deep down there still lies a little piece of you and me desiring to visit quaint villages in distant lands and climb small peaks to bask in the afternoon sun. Mostly I daydream about this as I drink my tea during long conference calls or as I am waiting for my kids to get out of practice. Sometimes as I people watch, I wonder if the woman sitting next to me is doing the same thing, feeling the same thing—are they daydreaming too? Are they longing to visit faraway lands to be immersed in different cultures?

Travel is a gift to yourself not only because you were blessed enough to afford the plane and hotel costs but, because it changes your perspective about yourself. Going to a different country unlocks parts of you that you didn’t know existed and allows you to grow into someone greater than you would have imagined. So, what are you waiting for … the right time? Is there a right time to get to know yourself better? Come have a conversation with me about visiting all the places your heart desires.


-Karamel McCoy

Most female travelers are seeking to connect with other woman travelers on a deeper level, hopefully sprouting into long-term travel camaraderie. At Women Travel Abroad, we provide the comprehensive gateway to trips that bring out your sense of adventure and enliven your spirit.


May 6-13, 2020


April 23-29, 2020


April 29 - May 6, 2020

Spain South

June 17-24, 2020

Spain North

June 24 - July 1, 2020

Marrakesh, Morocco

August 24-31, 2020

Italy, Almalfi Coast

August 31-September 7, 2020


November 13-20, 2020

South Africa

October 13-21, 2020

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